The Quiet Storm Presentation

 Navigating the Online Presentation

There are two ways to access the presentation:

1. If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, and you can see the presentation navigation window below, you can navigate the presentation by simply clicking the arrows in the player to advance the slides.

2. Click Here to access the presentation online. Click the large arrow to begin the presentation, then you can use the navigation in the player to advance the slides. You can also use the outline to jump to slides of interest.

The complete presentation takes about an hour to watch if you listen to all of the commentary on each slide.

The Quiet Storm is my telling of Patrick's story, highlighting Gifted & Talented identification, education programming and outcomes, and importantly, the impact of the overexcitabilities related to giftedness had on Patrick throughout his life.


Quiet Storm Presentation Slides

2019 GT Mental Health Day Slides.pdf 13.2MB Jan 24, 2019 1:59 PM

About the Quiet Storm Presentation:

The Quiet Storm presentation is the first presentation that I gave after Patrick passed away. It tells the story of Patrick's life and death, with an emphasis on how the traits of being gifted impacted him. It is my perceptions and reflections. I tell Patrick's story in the hopes that it will provide insights for other parents and gifted children and help them avoid some of the mistakes we made. This version of the presentation was updated in January 2019, to include more emphasis on overexcitabilities and more details regarding his school life.

I also tell Patrick's story to keep his memory alive. He was a good kid, smart, sensitive and joyful for much of his life. I don't want him to be remembered simply by the way he died.

The Quiet Storm Presentation Handout 

This is the updated handout that I created for attendees at Quiet Storm presentations. It puts all of my advice about raising and educating gifted kids into one document. It has evolved over time from the 2013 iteration that I created for my first conference presentation and is meant to serve as a practical guide for parents and educators.