National Public Radio Call In

From July 14, 2011

Friends & Family,

I stepped pretty far out of my comfort zone today. I happened to be listening to NPR today at lunch. The topic was Teen Violence. The show clearly was focused on boys violence against girls and I thought, wait a minute. Patrick was abused by a girl and her abuse contributed (big time) to his suicide. So I called in. I told the screener Patrick's story in a couple of sentences and he said, "Oh My God, are you sure you are ok with saying this on air?" I said, "You bet". And 2 minutes later I was live on NPR's Talk of the Nation telling the story. I stumbled a little, but I think that I made the point.

I sure hope it helps some other families. It's the first chance I've had to make an impact, and I did it. Feels good!

Here's how to find it and listen to it (only a minute or so long):

How To Help Teens Recognize Dating Violence

My call starts at: 13:15 and continues for about 3 minutes after I went offline. They continued to talk about how this impacts boys, how cell phones and other technologies make it hard for parents to know what's going on, etc. It was a good conversation. It's worth listening to the whole segment.

Please re-post to other venues where it might help other families. That's all we can do at this point.



Terri Taylor Straut