My Grief Journey

Grief and recovery are important topics. Being in the middle of my own grief journey, and having no prior background or training in counseling, I struggle to bring structure to this topic. What I know for certain is that it has been extremely important for me to process my grief with others who are processing similar loss. This is not true for everyone and I have learned not to impose what worked for me on others. It's just not helpful. The other thing I know for sure is that my yoga practice has helped to keep me grounded, mindful and grateful on my grief journey. Again, it's not for everyone, but it has helped me a lot.

A key blessing of my grief journey has been my Grief Buddy, Marguerite. I was blessed to be introduced to her within about a month of losing our boys. Marguerite's son Matthew passed away on March 10, 2011, just 6 days before Patrick died, and we used the same funeral home. The Bereavement Director, who knew Marguerite through business, made the introduction after I consulted with her about counseling options for my family. She wisely surmised that Marguerite and I had a lot in common, in addition to the timing of our profound losses, and that we would help each other through the grief journey. I'm not sure I would be as far in my grief journey if I hadn't had Marguerite by my side for each step of the way. For her friendship, love and many hours of listening and sharing, I am eternally grateful.

Healing Moms: Dawn, Louise, Terri, Nancy & Jenny, 2014

Another hugely helpful outlet for me has been my Healing Moms group. This is a group of women who mostly met through our local Compassionate Friends chapter and who have committed to getting together periodically to talk about our kids, challenge ourselves with activities and crafts, and generally just share the grief and recovery journey. We've done fun things like white water rafting in honor of Kade and Ryan around their angel anniversaries in the summer.

Terri, Nancy, Louise & Jenny at the lunch break, Arkansas River, July, 2016

The leader of our group is Jenny Robbins. Jenny lost her son Kade at age 19 about a year after Patrick and Matthew died. Jenny is currently enrolled in a Masters of Counseling program at Regis University in Denver, CO. She has turned her tragedy into motivation to learn to be a counselor, focused on grief and recovery.

Please see the presentation on the Grief Resources page for excellent, timely academic resources.