Giving Scholarships to Gifted Seniors

The Patrick Straut Foundation was created to recognize the resilience of gifted and talented
(GT) high school students each year by
providing scholarships to graduating seniors at the GT Center at Wheat Ridge High School in Jeffco.

Terri speaking at a gifted and talented conference.Speaking About Gifted & Talented Issues                            

Terri has long been an advocate for GT students in Denver-area public schools. After Patrick's death, she dedicated her time and talents to creating programs that inform GT students and their parents about the over-excitabilities that often co-exist with giftedness. She speaks nationally on these topics.
Sign on the green belt near our house in Patrick's Honor.
Sharing Resources with Gifted Students & Adults

There are many resources available in support of gifted and talented (GT) students and adults. We have compiled the resources that we have found most helpful in the hope of assisting site visitors with finding the help they need to remain content and healthy. Since death is a part of life, grief and recovery resources are shared here as well.
Patrick in middle school.
Telling Patrick's Story                              
Patrick's suicide was a shock to all who knew him. He was successfully studying at the local community college and had no diagnosed mental illness. He was a gifted young man, and as such, he did have characteristics of emotionality, high intensity and introversion. We believe that it is important to tell Patrick's story so that others with similarly atypical kids might learn from it.
Patrick Taylor Straut Blog
My first born son, Patrick Taylor Straut, left this world too soon, at 18 years old on March 16, 2011. He was an amazing young man: intelligent, questioning and resourceful. In life, he taught me a lot. In death, I continue to learn and grow as I process his story and reflect on how he saw the world. This blog is dedicated to growth through learning and love. You are missed every day by many, Patrick.

Patrick and his best friend, Evan, 2010.
Honoring Patrick's Memory             
No life should ever be cut short. But to lose such an incredibly talented, sensitive and insightful man at this tender age hurts my heart so badly that I can barely find the words to express my grief. We were just too much alike to get a long very well.

I can only hope that he has found peace and that through his strength, our family will find ways to help his legacy live on. You will be missed my dear Patchy. I love you profoundly, I always did and always will. Eskimo kisses forever my dear baby boy.


Our hope is that through education, resources and acknowledging the accomplishment of high school graduation, we may encourage these special kids to keep learning, growing and making healthy choices.

The website and scholarship process are currently managed by Patrick's mother, Terri Taylor Straut, and the Board of Directors on a volunteer basis.

100% of all funds raised to support Patrick Straut Foundation scholarships are used to provide scholarships to graduating seniors.