Honoring Patrick's Memory

Since Patrick's passing, we have found comfort in traditions that honor him on key dates each year. His birthday and angel anniversary have become important celebration dates. In addition, we remember Patrick each winter with a Christmas tree decorating party, where friends and family hang his special ornaments on the tree.

These traditions continue to evolve over time, to meet the needs of our family in our own healing process.

Birthday Celebrations:

 Patrick's last birthday with us was his 18th. We had a cook out with his friends..

Sam, Avery, Richy & Steven were here to cook out and celebrate Patrick's 18th birthday.

Since then, we've continued to invite his friends over for a cook out, and many of them come every year. Below is a gallery of birthday party photos.

 June 25, 2011: First Birthday without Patrick

Avery, Steven & Sam putting candles in the cake  Shane and Brendan  Evan checking out the book, The Gift of True Friendship, that his Mom created for us about the boys.
  Emily, Reyna, Avery and all looking on.  Evan eating nachos with Sandy and Shane. Some things never change!  Emily offered this message for the cake.

 June 25, 2012: This year we all lit a candle.

Evan and Brendan lighting their candles for Patrick.  Avery, Sam and 
Shane contemplating the cake.  Brendan lighting the candles on the cake.

June 25, 2014: The year of the epic Junk Food Party

All of Patrick's favorite junk food.  Brendan's friends joined in to celebrate this year.  Yohoo, a family tradition.

Angel Day Celebrations:
March 16, 2012: Our first angel day. We try to keep it light and combine with our traditional St. Patrick's Day party.
Shane always shows up to remember Patrick, playing his guitar here.  Brendan and Emily in front of Patrick's flag that Evan bought for the funeral.  Brendan, Richy & Emily jamming.

March 16, 2014: Epic Balloon Release

  Brendan hanging up the flag, Shane and Jerry supervise.  Balloons ready to go. We always play Over the Rainbow.

March 16, 2015: This year we released Chinese lanterns, it was exciting, but not recommended in the suburbs!

The lanterns are cool, but I'd do them over water for safety.  Patrick's friends releasing a lantern.  Jerry with a lantern  Marty & Brendan  Emily & her friends, she said it was "like a real party".

March 16, 2016: Back to a good old-fashion balloon release.

 Video of March 16 Balloon Release at our house